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Soccer fever!

So I awoke this morning to sounds of vuvuzelas (those plastic trumpet shaped horns you see in the pics below, that make a lot of noise!) resonating round the city, in fact I think they were being played all night long! 
Today’s the big kick off day for the Soccer World Cup and everyone is totally soccer mad, wearing their countries gear, flags, wigs, the works… the atmosphere is amazing! The whole country is basically shutting down at midday in preparation of the Opening ceremony and first game. It’s sure to be an AWESOME weekend here, I’m so excited and so I’m wishing you a happy one too!!
SA Soccer Fever
Images via Sport24 and crazy car pic taken by parents!


  1. sodapop

    11 June

    I'm soccer mad too! And I know what a great mood you have now in South Africa. 4 years ago the world cup was played here in Germany and it was the greatest summer I've ever had! Everyone was so happy and friendly and there where parties on the streets every day. I wish you such a great time, please enjoy eveything! So, I hope your team wins today and Germay on Sunday! I'm so excited too! Yeahhhh!!!!!

  2. Megan

    11 June

    I AM SOOOOOOO BEYOND EXCITED! 🙂 Its going to be amazing!!

  3. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    11 June

    we are ready here too!
    have fun!!

  4. Renata

    11 June

    This World Cup will be great! Loved to see the Brazilian flag in the picture! Good luck today on the match!! And remember to support Brazil next Tuesday!! Renata

  5. escapade

    11 June

    This is fantastic! So jealous you're right there to be a part of it all! Wish I could come down and join you – maybe I should have you send a vuvuzela up here ! 😉

    Have a fantastic, fantastic weekend Lana!

  6. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    11 June

    Such fun photos- I love seeing everyone in the spirit and dressed up! Enjoy your weekend, Lana!

  7. frauheuberg

    11 June

    yeah…now watch the match of your country and hope southafrica will play the match of his life…;)…wish you a wonderful and exciting time…so like caro from sodapop said…it was amazing four years ago here in germany and i

  8. Stacey

    11 June

    Me too! (re being soccer mad). We call it football in Jamaica and i am a huge fan-i have been counting down the days to today. It's a big day for you too-Good luck:-)

  9. Liz

    11 June

    whoot-whoot lana! what a roaring excitement happening in your home. i can almost hear it and feel it. here at home it is all i've been hearing and seeing about. enjoy every minute and second of your fantastic weekend.

    oxox ^-^

    {glad you liked the garden sojourn post, that dress is romantic and dreamy}

  10. Splendid Willow

    11 June

    I can feel the good energy all the way to Seattle! (:

    Cyber hug, Mon

  11. Paula

    11 June

    Pictures from the Opening Ceremony are amazing! Have fun!

  12. size too small

    12 June

    last night was so fun in the city! did you go out?

  13. Lana

    12 June

    Hi Mariah, yes I certainly did, it was beyond amazing! Millions of people out and about!

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