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Blogger Wishlist: Dawn & Elissa

Blogger Wishlist: Dawn & Elissa

I have another two fantastic bloggers sharing what’s on their wishlists today and both are extremely creative girls! We have Dawn and Elissa…
Dawn is an American who is currently living in the Austrian countryside with her husband and her blog may all seasons be sweet to thee is literally like a breath of fresh air! Dawn’s blog is filled with snippets of her life, from adventures in the countryside, to delicious recipes she’s made and of course her two cute dogs. All captured with beautiful photographs, Dawn’s blog definitely makes me want to escape to a life in the country! Dawn also has the cutest shop called Kiki La Ru where she sells cake bunting. Not sure what that is? Well, pop over and a take a look, it’s absolutely adorable!
May all seasons be sweet to thee
Over to you Dawn…
1. You Are My Sunshine rustic wooden sign from Go Jump In The Lake:
We are moving into a new home soon and I would love this to brighten up the bathroom. It’s so sunny and positive. A daily declaration of love!
2. Tweed Jacket from EmersonMade:
This tweed jacket would make me feel splendidly bookish and smart.
3. Pumpkins
There is something magical and very charming about pumpkins. I fill my home with them in the fall. When they start appearing on shelves and table tops, my husband says, “Oh, it’s THAT time again.”
4. Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar from Queen Vanna Creations:
My inner child still loves wooden blocks, and the adult me (is there one??) loves calendars, so this is a wonderful combination. I always love turning a page (or in this case, block) to the next month, and being reminded that time is going by, and I should live life to the fullest.
5. Hand-coloured 1865 Map of Boston from Bananastrudel:
We fell in love with the city of Boston, Massachusetts, on a visit last year, and named our new puppy Boston. I love this vintage map, so intricately hand-painted and beautiful. Now I’m just waiting for my bank account to give me the go-ahead!
6. Popular Pencil embroidery hoop by MoxiDoll:
Just looking at this gives me that ‘back-to-school’ feeling, which I love. Hair neatly braided, fresh pencils and paper; we lived on a dirt road and I loved it when the puddles froze over so I could crack them with my foot while waiting for the bus to come.

Thanks Dawn, your list is fabulous, the jacket from Emersonmade has to be my favourite!

Elissa is a graphic designer living just outside Chicago and her blog, ebb & flow, is one of regular visits. Elissa has a great sense of design and taste, her blog is filled with beautiful and interesting design finds, interior features, fashion snippets and more. I love that Elissa always finds a slightly different angle or piece to blog about so it doesn’t feel like you’ve seen it all over the blogland. Pop over and say hi!

ebb & flow's wishlist

Over to you Elissa…
1. A black Barcelona chair. Or two or three…
2. A new bike. The only requirement for this dream bicycle is a basket. I’m easy to please.
3. The perfect Fall boots, especially if they’re the Loeffler Randall Riley flat zip boot. You can’t go wrong with timeless boots that make your legs look a mile long.
4. An airy, downtown Chicago home filled with accents of beautiful wallpaper.
5. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. I think it’s time I upgrade the $8 shades I bought two years ago.
6. A trip to the Olympics. I would love to win a medal, but spectating will work as well, I suppose.

Thanks Elissa, your choices are classics, I’m sure everyone will agree! I’d never have included a trip to the Olympics on my list but it would be pretty amazing! You’ll have to start training or maybe just saving for the summer Olympics in London 2012!

  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    25 August

    Nice lists. That map of Boston is cool.

  2. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    25 August

    oh love them both! i loved meeting Dawn too, just yesterday I was looking at her cake buntings!!

  3. The Simply Luxurious Life

    25 August

    Love Elissa's bike wish! And to attend the Olympics would be something never to forget I would imagine. Lovely to meet both ladies. πŸ™‚


    25 August

    Fabulous lists! I would love a trip to the Olympics as well. I've always wanted to go.

    Off to check out these lovely blogs now πŸ™‚

    Hope you're having a wonderful week! xoxo

  5. Mariska Meijers

    25 August

    wishing it was almost Christmas!

  6. Elissa, ebb & flow

    25 August

    thanks again lana for featuring my wish list. i'm in great company and am already looking forward to next week's wishlists. have a great day!

  7. Elissa, ebb & flow

    25 August

    thanks again lana for featuring my wish list. i'm in great company and am already looking forward to next week's wishlists. have a great day!

  8. Elissa, ebb & flow

    25 August

    thanks again lana for featuring my wish list. i'm in great company and am already looking forward to next week's wishlists. have a great day!

  9. country girl

    26 August

    Thanks so much for posting my little wishlist, Lana! You did such a lovely job, looks great!

    Sending a hug to you in SA,


  10. one sydney road

    27 August

    ooh love both of these lists! i've been coveting emersonmade's clutches and that tweed jacket is too cool. perfect with the boots from Elissa's list!! πŸ™‚

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