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Blogger Wishlist: Shannon & Zeanne

Hello friends! I’m sharing two more Blogger wislists with you from two lovely bloggers, Shannon from Oregan, USA and Zeanne, a fellow Capetonian! I know you’ll enjoy…

Shannon is a freelance writer and high school English teacher and has a truly fantastic blog called The Simply Luxurious Life. Her blog is all about luxurious things of course but more importantly it’s about how you can create luxury and well being in your own life, for yourself. Her blog is beautifully written with inspiring quotes and plenty of tips and inspiration to create a better lifestyle. Shannon also sends out a weekly newsletter, I signed up recently and was blown away by it! Full of extra snippets and reader spotlights and insider news, it is a must! Pop over and visit to bring some extra positive energy into your life!
The Simply Luxurious Life's wishlist

Over to you Shannon, what’s on your wishlist…
1. Fresh White Hydrangeas: As a child, I would flip through Martha Stewart Living magazine and remember dreaming about having a bouquet of monochromatic hydrangeas as she did throughout many of her interior photos.  There is a regal and classic quality to a hydrangea and with just three mopheads, you have an outstanding finishing touch to any room.
2. A Burberry Trench: Having a quality trench coat, a la Burberry’s, would be a wonderful fit with my wardrobe. I am always about cost per wear (i.e. if something costs $900 but you wear it 450 different occasions, it really is a $2 item) and if I can justify that I can use a particular item quite a bit, as I would a trench, I feel the price is worth it. If I can afford it, quality is always my choice.
3. Julia Child’s Chocolate Souffle: To successfully make such an intimidating dessert is something I’m dying to attempt.  However, if in fact, I am successful, I may never want to eat it due to the beauty of the finish product. 
4. Nina Garcia’s Look Book: I can never have enough ideas for putting together outfits and especially with the fall season arriving, I can’t wait to pick up Nina Garcia’s Look Book and drink up everything she has to teach me.  Besides the content, the illustrations by Ruben Toledo are amazingly beautiful.
5. Vera Wang ballet flats: If I didn’t appreciate the way heels made a woman’s silhouette look, I would wear flats every day.  So in the event that I choose to stay closer to the ground, I would love to slip on a pair of Vera Wang’s nude ballet flats as they are simple, yet well made.
6. A cooking class at Sur La Table: I am constantly seeking avenues to gain new knowledge and what better arena to learn than in the kitchen – very hands on and applicable to life.  I recently was shopping in Sur La Table and the class participants were eating their finished product. What a reward. I can’t wait to sign up!

Thanks so much Shannon, your list is as gorgeous as I expected it would be! Love the ballet flats, they are the perfect colour and Nina Garcia’s book sounds amazing!

I always love reading fellow Capetonians blogs and so Zeanne’s blog, Coffee rings and other Things, is definitely on my list! Zeanne is an architect and so obviously has an eye for design and detail. Her blog is full of interesting, inspiring finds from travel to interiors to photography as well as snippets of her life. Pop over and visit, and read her lovely ‘List of loves’ on the side of her blog to get to know her a bit better!

Coffee things and other things

Let’s see what Zeanne is dreaming of…
1. The Caviar Collection of La Prairie’s skin care products to indulge in. I wish for huge jars of their decedent, extravagant creams that have magical bottomless pits!
2. As well as a another jar of my absolute favorite, Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I have just run out, and this is a staple that remains in my bag and is honestly a small jar of magic!
3. I am a hopeless Zara fan! If I had to wish for something frivolous on the spot, it would be the Zara Summer collection wardrobe. I absolutely love the beautiful safari inspired colours, taupe, chocolate browns and neutrals as well as the, nautical inspired navy theme with stripes and blazers. If I could step out every day in these comfortable and chic ensembles I would honestly have a huge wish fulfilled!
4. On the Extravagant “over the top side”… A little Clifton bungalow on Third Beach with a beautiful view. I want it filled with crisp white linen, crisp white wine and crisp white couches that can be sunk into and curled up in. I want ample space for visitors, long lunches, summer braais and a huge Pierre Cronje timber sleeper table that will be stamped with the patina of times red wine ring stains and soak up many a laughter (image via here)
5. And to start my collection of beautiful chairs, I would like the Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman, in taupe, to lie in, read my magazines in, sip coffee in and swivel in!
6. A Gabby Raaff painting, I find her soft watercolor images beautiful and calming. I love that she is from Cape Town. Her works are still priced attainably and her brush seems magic, as it’s able to gently touch her paper and leave a mark that resembles perfectly her subject! Beautiful!
7. A beautiful white orchid that doesn’t die, but just blooms, mine just died and I nurtured her for five months! I was honestly sad, I find them so elegant and almost architectural in their poise.

Thanks for a fab list Zeanne, I’m with you on the Zara collection and the Clifton beach house! We can certainly dream, can’t we?!


  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    18 August

    Nina Garcia is such a talented lady – love her!

  2. Being Brazen

    18 August

    Love both wishlists, but 100% with Zeanne on wanting Zara clothes 🙂

  3. The Simply Luxurious Life

    18 August

    Lana – thank you so much – what you have done is lovely and very generous. I will have a link up on my sight no later than noon today and am off to tweet about it now. =)

    Zeanne – I love your style. Rosebud salve is something that is so versatile and comes in just a beautiful container. And the Eames lounge chair – how wonderful would that be in one's home. Great taste. Lovely to meet you.

  4. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    18 August

    Lovely picks by both! Can't beat a classic Burberry trench, and I love Rosebud Salve!


    18 August

    Thank you so much, I love them both, I look forward to the next installment in the series.

    Lisa xx


    18 August

    I absolutely love Shannon & what you wrote about her blog is absolutely true. It's such a lovely place to escape to every day. I always leave feeling inspired and better about myself.

    And both lists are wonderful. Love everything on Shannon's and I'm happy to be introduced to Zeanne. Heading on over to her blog now 🙂

  7. one sydney road

    19 August

    such great lists (and new blogs for me to check out!!) i agree with you about rosebud salve-it's great for so many things!! and the yummy looking cupcakes in the first image are making my mouth water…

  8. Coffee rings and other things

    19 August

    Morning Lana,

    Thank you so much for the lovely feature, I trust you saw my Thank you on Coffee Rings, but i just wanted to leave a small note to say Thanks again.

    I feel so chuffed to be featured along side Shannon, her blog is beautiful and I love her quotes and inspirations!

    I hope you have a wonderful day, you really made mine yesterday!

  9. Lana

    19 August

    It's a pleasure Shannon and Zeanne, you are both stars!x

  10. vicki

    19 August

    love this! obsessed with Smith's Rosebud Salve, have an Eames chair on my one day list and really, really, really want a Gabby Raaff painting.
    V x

  11. Charlotta Ward

    20 August

    Wonderful wishlists.. So much to dream about.. La Prairie is my favourite brand too. Magic in a jar!

    Shannon's list is spot on – hydrangeas are divine! Chocolate, Burberry, Vera Wang flats.. yes yes yes!

    Am so getting Nina Garcia's book – just what I need. Thanks for the tip.

    xx Charlotta

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