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Furry fashionista

Today I thought I’d post about my favourite furry fashionista, Miss Fifi Lapin. If you haven’t already done so, please check out her fabulous world over on her blog asap! Have a fantastic Sunday!
fifi lapin
All images via Fifi Lapin Shop

  1. Bella *Bellgetsreal

    1 August

    Very cute.

    I am having my first giveaway at

  2. Kellie Collis

    1 August

    SUch gorgeous art! Hope you are having a delightful weekend! xxx

  3. travelingmama

    1 August

    Yes! she is one of my favorites! a while ago she offered a desktop background of her artwork, so i have been looking at it every day since!

  4. gail.k

    1 August

    SOOOO cute!

  5. Wild and Precious

    2 August

    super fun!!

    hope you've been having a great weekend!!

  6. coelho

    2 August

    she is just the queen of cool – love the her too x

  7. Sarah Klassen

    4 August

    I ADORE her illustrations! So so unique…


    4 August

    so cute! come follow me xoxo

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