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Kirra Jamison

More art for you today! Thanks to design*sponge I heard about Kirra Jamison, an artist from Australia. Her work is just amazing and instantly draws you in. I absolutely love her use of colour and fine detail. Imagine waking up to one of these pieces each morning… I’d almost certainly be up and about with a smile on my face and be in a good mood. There’s a great interview over on The Design Files if you want to find out more about Kirra.
Kirra Jamison
surrenderstarii1, Kirra Jamison
willow-weep-31, kirra jamison
moon-child, Kirra Jamison
All images via Kirra Jamison

  1. Signe

    29 August

    Love the tree with all the colors <3

  2. kat

    29 August

    Oh my she is so talented isnt she, with such a unique style to her work, v inspiring too
    kat x

  3. cape fiction

    29 August


  4. Megan

    30 August

    So stunning and unusual! Absolutely love the tree!

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