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Vintage film

These photos by Abby really appeal to me, I love her choice of subject matter,  love the colours and of course the vintage feel of them. What makes them even more special is that they are all taken with vintage film cameras that Abby finds at thrift stores. When last did you use an old camera that takes film, it almost seems like a thing from the past. I think it’s great that photographers like Abby are still keeping the art alive. You can see more of her work over on her blog too, abby try again or buy prints from her shop.
Abby try again photography
Abby try again photography
All photography by abby try again


  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    21 August

    They are beautiful, Lana!

  2. Tiina

    21 August

    beautiful Lana! hope you'll have a great weekend!

  3. Signe

    21 August

    These are truly amazing and not too pricy either, think I'll get myself a print for my new apartment 🙂

  4. Georgianna

    21 August

    Exquisite images, Lana. You're right, the vintage feel is so special in each of them. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend! xo

  5. nicole leigh smith

    21 August

    i just love these, all of them, I can't wait to check out her blog!!!

  6. graceandivy

    22 August

    Love, love, love Abby's work! She is a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing some of your favs. xo

  7. Erin Wallace

    22 August

    Her photos really are beautiful and I love the colors.

    xo Erin

  8. Punctuation Mark

    22 August

    these are so beautiful… you should check Lili from That Saturday because she uses all kinds of cameras for her images and they are amazing… have a nice weekend!

  9. thula by jessica

    22 August

    gorgeous pics

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