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Blogger Wishlist: Shari & DJ

Blogger Wishlist: Shari & DJ

Today we have two fabulous bloggers sharing their Wishlists with us which is a fitting end to this series! I’ll be starting a new series in it’s place soon though and will perhaps share a few more wishlists closer to Christmas! So I hope you enjoy today’s wishlists from Shari and DJ…

Shari is a graphic designer and barista extraordinaire from Savannah, Georgia. Shari and her husband own a coffee shop which I’m sure is as fabulous as her blog is! Shari’s blog, little blue deer, is always full of the most beautiful and inspiring interiors and homes. I don’t know how Shari always manages to find such amazing images, so many of her finds go straight into my Decor style file!

little blue deer's wishlist

Over to you Shari, what are wishing for?
1. This Banana Republic ‘Unity Links’ necklace.  I am dying for long gold chains for fall, I would totally rock this with a turtleneck and long suede skirt! 
2. This Anthropologie ‘Love Letters’ sheet set.  Speaking of romantic winter nights, I would love to curl up with Mr. Deer, we could read the sheets to each other as we gazed at our reflections in the deconstructed mirrors (hint, hint, dear!).
3. The Camden Olive Suede brogue from J. Crew.  I am lusting after Oxfords this season, love them with tailored shorts or skirts, and olive is my absolute fave when it’s cold! 
4. The John Galliano Diptyque candle.  I am crazy for Diptyque and was devastated that their Newbury Street shop closed last year.  I actually haven’t smelled this one in person, but I already know I love it, I imagine it smells sexy and spicy, perfect for a romantic winter’s night!
5. These gorgeous ‘Collected Memory’ mirrors from Anthropologie!  Mr. Deer would have a fit if he saw these coming into the house, he would think that I had been dumpster diving (I love how in England they call it a skip, sounds so much nicer!). He just doesn’t appreciate deconstruction like I do! 
6. Creed Silver Mountain Water.  One of my favorite fragrances, I wear it all year ’round.  It’s actually a men’s cologne, but it smells so clean and delicious, it’s heavenly, like being on a snow-covered mountain!

Thanks Shari, what a a gorgeous list, that Galliano candle is calling my name!

Next up is the fabulous DJ of Dustjacket Attic! DJ is from Victoria in Australia and loves art, graphic design, fashion and books. Not surprisingly DJ collects first editions from around 1930 onwards with dustjackets! Her blog is an absolute fashion inspiration haven which I’m sure many of you know, filled with the most beautiful editorials. Pop over for some serious fashion eye candy!

DJ's wishlist

What are you dreaming of DJ?
1. Louis Vuitton outfit, it looks totally awesome on Alexa … I like the top especially…I think I just love this photo actually.
2. Paris….I really want to holiday in Paris, all my friends seem to be going…what about me!
3. Chloรฉ suede knit boots…I just love these boots, even though we are heading into summer I’d still get these!
4. Vintage Mercedes…well you said it was a wish list! Vintage cars are the best and this one is gorgeous.
5. I love illustrations and Sophie Griotto is one of my favourite illustrators, so one of her originals would be nice.
6. I love this Piccadilly leather weekend bag from Mulberry, looks like you could fit a lot into it and it’s stylish too.
7. Tiffany Paloma Picasso 20 carat pendant, I’ve had my eye on this pendant for a while, mind you I love so many pieces on the Tiffany site….note to self; must not go on site again.

Thanks DJ, I love Alexa’s outfit and the Mulberry bag too and am now a fan of Sophie Griottos’s work, thanks to you! Thanks so much to all the bloggers who have taken part in this series! It’s been fun learning a little more about you all and I now have a dangerously large wishlist for myself!

  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    15 September

    Scented candles and Paris are perfect picks! A great end to a lovely series, Lana!

  2. colores

    15 September

    Hi, lovely wishlists! I dream of such things!!! the mulberry bag is on my top! ๐Ÿ™‚ don

  3. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    15 September

    two really beautiful lists!

  4. Coffee rings and other things

    15 September

    What lovely lists- love the brogues, though, and the "collected memory" mirrors are just up my street, going to try and put something similar together! Fabulous!

  5. shari @ little blue deer

    15 September

    I love this! Thank you SO much for asking me, Lana, I adore it, you are such a great designer! Thank you again, and I am flattered to be in DJ's fabulous company, too! XX!

  6. Diana Mieczan

    15 September

    I am a huge fan of those candles and those sheets look so sweet:)…..Lovely wish list,Shari

    Also DJ..I am totally smitten with that bag:)


    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY later on today ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you will join in :)!!!

  7. The Zhush

    15 September

    Great lists ladies! Need to try that fragrance that Shari recommends, and that Mulberry bag is amazing!

  8. Debby

    15 September

    Great guest posts! I have been eyeing those Anthro sheets myself! A Paris vacation? I'm lusting after that too! xo

  9. Rachel

    15 September

    Lovely lists! DJ I love that bag too x

  10. Signe

    15 September

    Lovely picks Shari, adore the 'Collected Memory' Mirrors but something tells me that CasperPling would not appreciate them much either ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Cot

    15 September

    Fantastic list!
    the love letters bed sheets … amazing!
    and the chloe boots …. very cool!


  12. Love and Stuff

    15 September

    Love the Tiffany Paloma Picasso Pendant, so pretty!

  13. Megan

    15 September

    LOVE Dustjacket Attic's blog. Such stunning features…

  14. Dustjacket Attic

    15 September

    Thank you so much for inviting me to join your series…it was lovely to be paired with the beautiful Shari.

    I love Shari's list, seriously want the Galliano candle and Creed is gorgeous.
    xxxx DJ

  15. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    15 September

    Great recommendations! The BR necklace is lovely and I'd totally use the Mulberry bag!

  16. A Perfect Gray

    15 September

    I'm over from LBD…wonderful post from two terrific and stylish gals…

  17. Daisy

    15 September

    Hope this doesn't post twice – I just posted and it dissapeared!

    Anyways – Shari I love your list. I just had to tell you, I wear mens deoderant because I think it smells better. So to read you wear men's cologne – just another thing dear! I must check out Creed! xx

  18. Miss Molly

    15 September

    lovely lists! really enjoyed reading!


  19. Andrea

    15 September

    I love this! What great lists!

  20. lisaroyhandbags

    15 September

    Great lists! Love the frames and oxfords, the Mulberry bag is fab and of course, who doesn't love Paris? ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Everton Terrace

    15 September

    I think oxfords are my favorite shoes. I'll wear them while driving my vintage Mercedes in Paris! Great lists.

  22. Bromeliad

    15 September

    Love those gold chains in both wish lists. So glad I saved a few from the '80s.


    15 September

    Both are such fabulous wishlists and you picked the best girls to end with!

    Shari – so loving the Anthro sheets & mirrors and BR necklace!

    And DJ – totally love the LV, Mulberry bag & Chloe boots. And of course Paris! Off to check out more of Sophie Griotto ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  24. Heather {A Measure Of...}

    15 September

    Super lists!
    Shari, those mirrors and love letter sheets are SO perfect!
    Love DJ's Louis Vuitton outfit and off to Paris!

  25. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    15 September

    Both ladies have wonderful picks!! I really love the love letters sheet set- how adorable.

  26. OneCraftyFox

    15 September

    Such lovely wish lists, and so many new items to add to my own ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. {The Perfect Palette}

    15 September

    loving these wish lists.

  28. Mimi

    15 September

    i want all of their picks too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    <3, Mimi

  29. 24 Corners

    15 September

    Such fun lists…I love the Olive Oxfords…and I'd wear them all the time while tourning about Paris!!

    Thanks for the dreaming ladies…xo J!

  30. Lana

    15 September

    As 24 Corners said, Thanks for the dreaming ladies"!
    Lovely to have both Shari and DJ here and welcome to all you new readers!

  31. sobinique

    15 September

    Great lists! I love those olive suede brogues!

  32. one sydney road

    16 September

    Such great lists – those love letter sheets are just too cool! Ooh and the mulberry bag…wouldn't that be perfect for fall??

  33. shari @ little blue deer

    16 September

    Hi Lana, just wanted to let you know that it is a Lana day here in the states! I got home today and my Henry Road package was here, I ADORE the tea towels, am going to hang them up in the kitchen and the bundle of fabric is breathtaking, I am going to make a collage with it and frame it, I will send you a pic when I'm done! Thank you again, you are too kind! XX!

  34. Punctuation Mark

    16 September

    fragrances and paris… what a great combination of two great bloggers… great post!

  35. Kendall

    16 September

    I'm dreaming of that holiday in Paris driving a vintage mercedes…

  36. Indie.Tea

    16 September

    What a lovely, lovely post…from two lovely bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. jules @ The Diversion Project

    17 September

    fabulous choice of girls with incredible style – two of my all time faves! just brilliant!

  38. julie-Inspired

    20 October

    Great picks ladies! Thanks for sharing these inspirations:)

    Julie xo

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