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{Monthly Sweet Tooth} Lemon cheesecake

{Monthly Sweet Tooth} Lemon cheesecake

Welcome to a new week and another delicious recipe for you to try! Hope you all had a great weekend, I know those of you over in America are still enjoying a long weekend! I also need to announce the winner of my Henry Road giveaway. Firstly thanks so much to Paula for sponsoring the giveaway and then congratulations to … Shari from little blue deer. I hope you enjoy your prize Shari, I’ll be in touch with you shortly!

So back to the recipe, today’s is an old family favourite, we have tried and tested this so many times and it’s always a winner and totally flop proof! Delicious lemon fridge cheesecake, super quick and easy too…

Fridge cheesecake
Fridge cheesecake
Fridge cheesecake

Fridge cheesecake
Fridge cheesecake

Lemon cheesecake

1 packet of Tennis biscuits
125g margarine, melted
1 tin of condensed milk (397g)
¾ cup lemon juice
250g smooth cottage cheese (I use low-fat)
250ml cream

* Crush the biscuits until they form fine crumbs. Add the melted margarine and mix till evenly spread through out the crumbs.
* Press crumb mixture into a dish, pressing down firmly to form the biscuit base.
* Mix together the condensed milk, lemon juice and cottage cheese.
* In a separate bowl, whip cream until smooth.
* Fold cream gently into condensed milk mixture.
* Pour over the base and spread evenly. Place in fridge for at least 5 hours (if impatient) but preferably overnight so that it can set properly!

And that’s it, so simple. Enjoy the next day with friends!

Photography: by me


  1. leanne

    6 September

    yum yum, i'm going to do this today! thanks xx

  2. Georgianna

    6 September

    The recipe is great, Lana, but I am also captivated by your gorgeous photos!! Beautifully done! And I LOVE seeing spring blossoms!! xo

  3. Lisa

    6 September

    Hmmm – sounds delish! Beautiful pics, I love the blossoms and the birds! Have a lovely week x

  4. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    6 September

    Glad you had a great weekend, Lana. Thanks for sharing this recipe and the wonderfully styled pictures to go with it.

  5. Megan

    6 September

    mmmm YUM!!!!!

  6. Betty Bake

    6 September

    oh lovely Lana – well done on yet another greatly styled and put together food photo shoot 🙂
    sounds and looks delicious

    happy Monday and happy Spring

    Betty Bake

  7. colores

    6 September

    Yummy! Looks great ! I spent also my weekend doing some cakes!I like your blog!!!!:-))

  8. Alessandra

    6 September

    Yummy!looks so tasty!gotta try it!

  9. alison (semi-fab lane)

    6 September

    tasty, looks so good. beautiful photos!!

  10. Chantel

    6 September

    Oh YUM! Must try!!! 😉

  11. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    7 September


  12. Elena

    7 September

    These are so pretty!

  13. Sarah Klassen

    7 September

    You had me at the title. Delicious! Thank you for sharing this great recipe 🙂

    Hope your weekend was just lovely, xo


    7 September

    Sounds delish! Thanks for the recipe! And congrats to Shari! She's a lucky lady. Just won my last giveaway too 🙂 xoxo

  15. Charlotta Ward

    7 September

    Cheesecake is my favourite thing! (well that and chocolate fondant..!:)

    Thank you for the recipe – will definitely try this one.
    Love your pictures and those birds!! Gorgeous!!

    xx Charlotta

  16. Charlotta Ward

    7 September

    ..OMG.. how could I forget..
    CONGRATULATIONS to sweet Ms Deer on winning the give away. xx

  17. Genevieve

    7 September

    your photos are just too beautiful for words!!

  18. gail.k

    7 September

    Beautiful styling — the blossoms & plates are so pretty together. Love the cut-out birdies!
    Loved your spot on "A day in the life of …." Beautiful pics especially Fluffy waiting for you to come home 🙂

  19. Delishhh

    7 September

    Ok this looks so good and refreshing. This is a recipe i have to save.

  20. Rachel

    8 September

    This looks so delicious! I need to bake for a dinner party on Saturday night, I think I will try your recipe. Thanks Lana! x

  21. Jardino

    8 September

    Sounds delicious, looks delicious… can I come for tea at yours please?! Those pics were indeed from bo' kaap by the by… well spotted Lana:) x

  22. manon 21

    8 September

    Merci de cette recette au citron.

    Belle ballade sur ton blog.



  23. Lana

    8 September

    Thanks for all your lovely comments my friends! Wish I could send you each a piece of cake!:)

  24. escapade

    8 September

    This looks completely delicious! What beautiful photos! + they've reminded me that while it's getting cooler there you're just moving into Spring!

  25. Ana Louisa

    9 September

    What a gorgeous shoot. I love those sweet little dessert plates.

  26. Neffisa Muhammed

    2 July

    what cream do you use in your recipe??

    • Lana

      2 July

      Hi Neffisa, I use regular fresh cream. Not thick cream. The recipe is really tasty, enjoy!

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