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Onyx feather

Have you heard about onyx feather yet? It’s a beautiful new jewellery collection that was just launched yesterday by Sola from Washington, DC. Think beautiful vintage pieces reworked with a modern twist. Sola has created three unique collections each taking inspiration from a particular city. Cairo, Paris and Cyprus each have their own charm and appeal and her beautiful pieces echo their beauty. An added benefit is that a certain percentage from each sale goes towards an amazing organisation called Invisible Children.
Sola- onyx feather

Let’s find out a little more about Sola…
Please describe yourself in 3 words
An idealistic, artistic dreamer.
City or country, where would you rather live?
The city.  I can fight a city insect. City bugs just want your left over Thai-food and they’ll go away.  Country bugs however… I fear. They don’t want leftovers—they chase you because they are bored and you smell nice.
How/why did you create onyx feather?
The huge disparity in wealth is something I’ve consistently witnessed in every city I’ve grown up in and something that I’ve never been able to ignore–especially the way it affects children.  I believe finding a niche that utilizes your strengths and passions to help people and simultaneously motivates consumers to assist in your mission is a realistic long-term way to battle the overwhelming need in underdeveloped countries. In my life that translated into  conceiving a jewelry line that reuses forgotten items to make a positive impact in the lives of overlooked people.  Invisible Children does this as well, they use innovative ways to advocate for former child soldiers and they do it exceptionally well—this why onyx feather supports them.

Onyx feather, Cairo collection

Did you study jewellery design?
No, I didn’t. I am self-taught. I learnt by taking necklaces apart and rebuilding them with the challenge of making them better than when I first found them.
Is your jewellery a full time job for you?
I wish! I work in media relations in an unrelated industry. It’s nice to have a balance sometimes.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Cities! Each collection in the line is inspired by a city. Every city is unique and filled with distinct culture and it’s lovely to be able to capture just a bit of that and share it with people who understand and appreciate it.

Onyx feather, Paris collection
Which is your favourite season?
Autumn because I love layering. I love the challenge of cohesively layering assorted textures, colors, and patterns. Summer drives me crazy because I can’t layer—well I could but I’d die of a layering-induced heat stroke.
Favourite thing to do on a weekend?
Sleeping in (rarely happens any more) and exploring the city for vintage jewelry. I love the vintage shop owners; they are a wealth of information and experiences.

What makes you smile?
Seeing my graceful roommate licking her plate after a good meal.

Onyx feather, cyprus collection
Do you have any tips for readers wanting to start an online shop?
Be organized. It’s the foundation of everything. Even a business that is more creatively-based needs to be very organized. The extra time you spend making those online file folders will save you hours later on.

And lastly, can you name a few blogs or websites that inspire you?
Gingervitis (her minimalist perspective on life intrigues me)
{Wit and Delight} (love her innovative way of presenting things)
The Brooklyn Circus blog (all about the styling. It’s brave and it works)
Garance Dore (her fashion photography captures people, not just their clothing)
Max Wanger (sheer brilliance!)

Thank you so much Sola! I loved your answers and getting to know you better, wishing you loads of success with your new venture!

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  1. colores

    9 September

    Thanks for your comments and great your today

  2. Alessandra

    9 September

    what a lovely brand!!!

  3. colores

    9 September

    Hi Lana, for such nice and sweet labels just look at DIY projects!!! kisses

  4. Lana

    9 September

    Thanks for the tip Colores! Will check it out!:)

  5. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    9 September

    Her items are so beautiful! Visiting the shop now 🙂

  6. Claire

    9 September

    Beautiful pieces! I love it! Thanks!

  7. renee

    9 September

    Oh so beautiful! I will definitely stop by her shop – I really love the Paris collection – surprise – I know 🙂

  8. Rachel

    10 September

    Such gorgeous necklaces! I love they donate a % of their sales to charity, such a great idea xx

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