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I’m sure you’ll agree with me, this little virtual world that us bloggers share is a fantastic place. I’ve made so many friends and discovered endless inspiration. This week I got a parcel in the post, now that makes me really happy, there’s something about receiving letters and parcels that brings a childlike joy and a lovely sense of nostalgia. I’m not talking about bills of course! I received two fun chocolates all the way from the Netherlands from the lovely Bieb as a thank you. How special, so now it’s my turn to thank you, Bieb!? {Bieb’s blog: FatFatSheep and her online shop: FatSheep} How cute is the packaging? One chocolate was shaped in a ‘S’ and the other in a ‘T’!
Photography: by me


  1. piopio

    23 October

    I recently started my blog, and I really feel very satisfied with all the nice things I'm taking him.
    meeting so many people around the world and its ideas, it becomes something that attracts me more.

  2. Agata

    23 October

    I knew you were just doing all this for the chocolate!!! xx

  3. Lauren

    24 October

    Ah, that's so cool. I know what you mean, surprises in the post do have such a nostalgic feel. Enjoy the chocs! x

  4. fatfatsheep

    24 October

    Hi Lana,
    What a great pics, thanx so much for this post!

  5. jenna @ alittlebleu

    24 October

    your pics are great! 🙂

  6. Casa e Cose

    25 October

    Love that packaging!

    have to run over to her shop immediatly 🙂

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