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C’est belle!

These photos by Tec Petaja only further my longing to travel and visit Europe … and hopefully sooner than later too! He travelled to Italy and France recently and photographed two weddings, I love the simplicity of this wedding decor and all the rustic surroundings, sigh… one day!
Tec Petaja
Tec Petaja 2
Tec Petaja 3
Tec Petaja 4
Tec Petaja
Tec Petaja
Tec Petaja
All photography by Tec Petaja via here and here.


  1. colores

    19 October

    Love them, this is surely Italy.
    I got married in the Amalfitan coast and I remember it as such a breathtaking scenery!!! If you have the chance to visit Italy don

  2. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    19 October

    I love this more and more each time I see. It's simply breathtaking!

  3. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    19 October

    just stunning

  4. Megan

    19 October

    So stunning! Imagine getting married there!

  5. sharon

    19 October

    Thank you for pointing out this site Lana, his pictures are really wonderful. I'm sort of encouraging one of my daughters to think about photography as a career, so I sent her the link too.

    My French COuntry Home

  6. Linkcreations

    19 October

    you always post my rss fav's! great taste you have.
    LOVE IT.

    amalfi verrrry high on my list as well.

  7. Lisa

    19 October

    swoon….! ?

  8. postcards and pretties

    19 October

    stunning images…oh how i love you europe!

  9. kristi @ lovelyvelo

    19 October

    that dress is to die for.

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