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Sunny days

I’m feeling better and rested after a great weekend, yesterday was a gorgeous day in Cape Town, the highlight for me was a long walk on the beach in the morning. What did you all get up to? Just a few happy images below to get our week off to a good start. Some bright poppies, a dreamy field and a gorgeous storyboard by Post Cards & pretties. Colourful bunting, vintage suitcases, a fresh white dress, tea and cake, pretty decor, it’s exactly how I’d imagine a perfect day out in the countryside to be…shall we go?

Vogue UK
Post Cards & pretties
Image credits: poppies by me, Vogue UK via Wolf & Willow, storyboard by Post Cards & pretties


  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    18 October

    A long walk on the beach in the morning sounds utterly lovely, Lana. Glad you are feeling rested and ready for the week. I loved that moodboard, as well!

  2. colores

    18 October

    Lucky girl! here the weather is getting colder and colder.My weekend was great as I got a visit from a Spanish friend!!!!Wish you a fantastic Monday

  3. cape fiction

    18 October

    The 2nd pic looks like a young Michelle Pfeiffer! Love the yellows 🙂

  4. Rachel Core

    18 October

    Beautiful pictures! I think I need that girls oversized yellow sweater!

  5. postcards and pretties

    18 October

    thank you my dear for the inspiration board love!!

  6. Ms. Pink

    19 October

    such a happy post! just found your blog and I am now a follower 🙂

    cant wait to


  7. Lana

    19 October

    Colores- que bueno!
    Rachel- I definitely need one too!
    And lovely to meet you Ms Pink!

  8. fatfatsheep

    19 October

    Luvv the yellow cape and oh yes I will eat the cake!!

  9. Ana Louisa

    22 October

    Love that photo of Gemma Ward in the field of flowers.

    xo, Ana Louisa at

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