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Happy Saturday

Morning friends! I’m off to find some birthday and maybe even Christmas presents this morning and some goodies for myself, then it’s lunch out at Tokara wine farm and then hopefully some relaxing, just had to add the last pic, somehow cats know how to do this best!
Image credits: Bungalow dress, gladiator sandals, gifts
Holly Becker


  1. mydesignchic

    6 November

    Happy Saturday…adore the last image!!

  2. heather yalin

    6 November

    love the kitty photo and that dress!

  3. greenaccordion

    6 November

    This is a very nice photo, great colors, great texture!
    and so cute

  4. Sarah Klassen

    8 November

    beautiful colors — hope you found some great things 🙂

  5. cape fiction

    9 November

    I seriously covet those sandals and that dress, and I WANT that cat pic framed on my wall!

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