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Sweet as jam

Just a little bit of sweet eye candy for you today. You know me, I love florals, pretty things, baking and sweet treats… so how could I not love this shoot? The little jam jars with their labels and frilly fabric tops so remind me of my grandmother, she was always making marmalade and jams and her pantry was always full of baking goodies.
Eva Lindh
Eva Lindh
Eva Lindh
Eva Lindh
Eva Lindh
Eva Lindh
Images via Eva Lindh Stylist, photos by Anna Kern


  1. Daydream Living

    10 November

    Goodmorning Lana!
    I found out a couple of weeks ago by a friend here who is also from SA, that we are on the same clock, I always thought that you would be further ahead in time, maybe because it's so far away… Anyhoo, I really like these images, love the skirt and the styling of this all, thanks for the inspiration!
    (also, I send you a little tag yesterday…)
    Have a good Wednesday!

  2. fatfatsheep

    10 November

    So so pretty and yummy, love the way the tulips are decorated, great idea for dinner table..; )

  3. Absolutely love these… they're just so homely and make such a welcoming gift!

  4. Almalu's Place

    10 November

    amazing!love all the floral fabrics, her outfit and all those lovely vintage cups!

  5. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    10 November

    I love those jam jar toppers! So romantic.

  6. AlpHa Buttonpusher

    10 November

    The prettiest jars I have ever seen. Making a home made jam is on my to do list since forever and my jam making fantasies look just like those in the pics. *sigh*

  7. colores

    10 November

    so sweet! I will prepare some marmelade as Christmas gifts! thanks for sharing!

  8. MMM

    10 November

    foto splendide=)
    passa a trovarci su

  9. postcards and pretties

    10 November

    so pretty…i love making homemade jams for the holidays! i just got some packaging ideas thanks to your post!!

  10. Meeling

    10 November

    Lovely pictures! Adore the fabric jar toppers…so vintage and retro and just pretty!!

    Hopping over from Lisa Roy's blog. 🙂

  11. one sydney road

    11 November

    So pretty and charming – all those floral prints are making me long for spring – and winter is just starting!!

  12. Pretty Poodle

    11 November

    So lovely photos !!!

  13. Lana

    11 November

    Thanks for the tag, Maureen! And I so agree with you Bieb, the tulips in the glasses look lovely.

    I'm happy to see that everyone is liking the idea of homemade goodies!

  14. cape fiction

    11 November

    Really like the crockery on the wall.

  15. Sarah Klassen

    15 November

    … I'm in heaven…

  16. Cupcake Couture

    16 November

    Just gorgeous!
    Wish I could spend more time baking and making sweet and lovely things! x

  17. Linkcreations

    22 November

    omgoodness this is just too cute! love it!

  18. madhu

    16 May

    Totally smitten! Just discovered your blog and am looking forward to going through them 🙂

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