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{Guest Post} Alice’s Adventures in wonderlan...

{Guest Post} Alice’s Adventures in wonderland

Today we have a lovely guest post from the sweet and talented Gaia all the way from Italy…
Thanks Lana for having me here today!
I’m Gaia from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. As soon as Lana asked me to help her while she’s in vacation I immediately accepted. When a friend ask for help I always say “yes, here I am”. 
What is it Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? It’s my world, it’s my store, it’s my life.
I’ve decided to open it almost 2 years ago (in January it will be my second birthday) and since then fantastic things happened to me. I met amazing person, some of them are now real friends that I love, I’ve opened my online store, starting collaborating with an e-mag Belle Inpiration and many other project are in the air!
I love photography and I’m working on it. I always have my camera in my bag. You never know what you can see when you are outside.
I love to bake and make sweetness for my Mr B and my friends…
For Christmas I’ve made a bottle of cookies for my blogger friends…
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
I like to do DIY projects
Paper rosette,
paper pom poms
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
I love to collect old jars, domes, vases…
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
I love to create my own things
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Bracelets, headbands, restyling of old ballerinas is my passion!
I love to take care to my store…
I have my on line catalogue and if you are interested  I can send you the link
write me here [email protected]
that’s it!
Those are just few things I love…if you want to see more 
stop by at my enchanted world!
Thank you Lana 
Enjoy your holiday!

  1. Irene b

    28 December

    Gaia is always so inspiring! I love her style she alway create a magial atmosphere…
    njoy your holiday Lana

  2. jessica

    28 December


  3. cape fiction

    28 December

    love those paper pom poms – they look like hydrangeas! and the first photo is so cute!

  4. Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair

    30 December

    Just so inspirational – i love all the paper goods too
    Rachie xo

  5. julie

    31 December

    So pretty! Love the donkeys!

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