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Winter warmer

I absolutely love this first photo, the outfit is so adorable! It inspired me to put together a bit of a Winter story today especially for all my friends in the Northern hemisphere! So while you’re keeping warm this weekend, we might be hitting the beach, it’s a bit of a heat wave this week in Cape Town! Wherever you are though, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Elle Decoration
Elle Decoration
Kalle Gustafsson

Image credits: 1, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13) Dennison Bertram for Marie Claire Czech Dec 2010 via Fashion Gone Rogue, 2 & 7) ELLE Decor, 5 & 6) Rue, 8 & 14) Morten Holtum, 11) ELLE Decor, 12) Kalle Gustafsson

  1. Justina Blakeney

    10 December

    Love this moody selection of images. The puff sleeve sweater and the wooden beamed ceiling are highlights for me!

  2. cape fiction

    10 December

    Lovely pics.I especially like the photo by Martin Holtum and the dining room with bookshelves. Seems that 'Scandinavian' pattern knitwear is everywhere now,who would have thought it could look so cool??

  3. Coffee rings and other things

    10 December

    Love thick Chunky Knitwear- Lovely post!

  4. Charlotta Ward

    10 December

    Beautiful pictures Lana! Love the Elle Decor rooms – so cozy and stylish.

    Agree with Cape Fiction on Scandi knitwear.. It's a classic in our part of the world and I love seeing it everywhere right now.
    Loved the Sweet Paul table decor using knits.. in his latest magazine. Did you see it?

    xx C

  5. Jutta

    10 December

    So that's where all the warm air has gone?? πŸ™‚ We have an exceptionally cold weather for this time of year, -20

  6. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    10 December

    ahhh so gorgeous! i put together a collage w/ the Elle Decor images in it to post next week- just so beautiful! πŸ™‚

  7. Design Elements

    10 December

    love the mood. wonderful selection!

  8. This Way to Joy

    10 December

    Love all these photo's Lana, but I agree with you about the first one!….stunning. And thank you for the Rue link! I just ordered the Jack Purcell leather Converse shoes on page 30 for my son. He'll love them! xo

  9. Kris

    10 December

    Love the colors in the wardrobes!

  10. Georgianna

    11 December

    Oh, thanks for sharing these cozy images, Lana, even though you are probably basking in the sunshine right now! And yes, that outfit in the first photo is fantastic. Happy weekend to you, too! xo

  11. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    13 December

    What a gorgeous collection of photos!! Like you I love that top one… but those interiors are all beautiful as well!!

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