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The Coveted

8/3/11 UPDATE: The Coveted has been rebranded as The Coveteur so please visit their new site here! Still just as fabulous just re-named so to avoid confusion with the coveted blog.

Just discovered the The Coveted thanks to narrylikes, absolutely loving it! The Coveted takes you inside the closets of international trendsetters, showing us sneak peeks of their fabulous clothing, shoes, bags and more. Entertaining descriptions of each piece and how they came to be plus fantastic photography make this a must for any fashionista, go check it out!

the coveted

The Coveted

All photos by Jake Rosenberg for The Coveted

  1. Rachel Core

    28 January

    oh I also love thecoveted! It's a daily read for me, seeing other's people home spaces and special things always serves as the best inspiration!

  2. elena

    28 January

    Omg Lana, you know there is another blog with this same name?! I totally thought you were talking about That's weird that they have the same website names? Did this site just recently launch? Although this one looks interesting too.

  3. onyx feather

    28 January

    welcome to "the coveted" blog addiction. you'll be checking frequently for updates. =)

  4. Lori

    29 January

    thank you for sharing .. i spent all morning looking through the closets and linked you in my blog here:

  5. Lana

    29 January

    Hi Elena, I didn't realise there was another coveted so checked out your link! It looks like there is now a full on war going on between the two sites because of their names being the same. has been going for four years while is brand new. Seems only fair that the new site should change their name. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out…

  6. colores

    29 January

    Hola guapa, lovely suede green shoes! I am in love with that color! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. elena

    30 January

    @Lana- Definitely. I mean the new site looks great too, but I do feel they should alter their name just a tad. Maybe The Coveted Closet?? I don't know, but hopefully they'll work something out. As both sites have good things to contribute to the fashion blogging community. πŸ˜‰

  8. Coffee rings and other things

    31 January

    Just had a browse- LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the link!

  9. renee

    2 February

    New Addiction – thank you Lana πŸ˜‰

  10. Lana

    8 March

    An update, the new site has changed to The Coveteur

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