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{Words to live by}

{Words to live by}

There’s definitely something to be said for the power of positive thinking, belief and faith. And of course doing the right footwork helps as well! Happy Sunday friends!

Weekly words

Photo by me

  1. christine {bijouandboheme}

    16 January

    Beautiful photograph lovely!

  2. Ninette

    16 January

    Happy Sunday to you too! I just found your lovely blog, and have spent a couple of hours looking through your pictures – so inspiring! My husband and I have adopted two children from South Africa, and we hope to someday in the future have enough money to be able to visit your lovely country again. Until then I enjoy reading about South Africa (and Cape Town, that we haven't visited yet, but plan on visiting the next time)and I was especially glad to find an interior design/inspirational blog like yours :3 Lots of love, Ninette

  3. colores

    16 January

    Dear Lana, these are wise words!!! kisses

  4. Bestie

    18 January

    love this AND it goes along with my new year's resolution…Be positive and Live in the moment!

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