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A Friday post, at last!

Hey there, sorry for the late post today but I have a good reason! My old Mac laptop was starting to play up, every time I turned it on, a huge black stripe would fill the bottom of the screen, I had to move the screen backwards and forwards, trying to get rid of it… a new laptop was definitely in order. So my new little MacBook Pro arrived yesterday and today is my first day using it. Very exciting, such a treat! But believe me going from a very old model to a super new one takes some adjusting, I can’t even work out how to copy and paste properly yet! So anyway, while I get to grips with my lovely new laptop, I’m wishing you a fantastic weekend!

ps I spotted two great freebies this week… pop over to Eat drink Chic for her cute DIY love cards, I know it’s not Valentine’s Day but I still think these would make great cards for a loved one! And for some fun decorative tape strips, visit Federica at Sweet as a Candy! Enjoy!

Ashley Meaders
Eat drink chic
Lisa Stickley bedding
Sweet as a candy

Image credits: 1) Ashley Meaders, 2) i.Anton, 3 & 4) Eat Drink Chic, 5) Lisa Stickley bedding via decor8, 6, 7 & 8) photos by me, 9) deco tapes by Sweet as a Candy

  1. tinajo

    25 February

    Lovely things in this post – have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Almalu's Place

    25 February

    first pic is so inspiring!I think I'll have pancakes for my Sunday Brakfast this week!:)


    25 February

    I love the two pix you took! So gorgeous! Happy weekend, sweetie 🙂

  4. The Lampshade Studio

    25 February

    Beautiful pix.

  5. Colores

    25 February

    guess what? your pics are the nicest ones on this post! love them!!! and congrats for your new laptop! I am supposed to get an iPad soon… ( couple of months…) grrr tic tac tic tac!!! I am so curious!!!! Kisses and enjoy the weekend!

  6. thea

    28 February

    DELICIOUS post in so many ways…



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