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Pretty light

Admit it, does this gorgeous photo not put a smile on your face? There’s something about flowers that makes me happy, if I can’t have the real thing then a photo is the next best thing. It’s the simple beauty of nature, plus indescribable colour, detail and scent, that always wins me over. Elena, one of my lovely blogging friends, happens to take the most beautiful photos and she has just started an etsy shop so pop over and support her! Of course you can check out her fab blog as well!

pretty light
pretty light

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  1. Lisa

    26 February

    So gorgeous – I can't live without flowers!

  2. Iris

    26 February

    Yes, makes me cheerful on a dark, rainy day. Love her work!


  3. Elena

    26 February

    Oh Lana, thank you sooo much! You are the sweetest! ?

  4. Raine and Sage

    26 February

    Yes they make me smile too – so lovely the images and colours. I'll have to check out Elena's blog/etsy shop.

  5. Blue Fruit

    27 February

    Wonderfully pretty! And the combination of yellow with pink makes it look so bright and happy.

  6. Colores

    28 February

    I fully agree, just saw the colors and suddenly a nice smile appeared on my face!preciosas

  7. Signe

    28 February

    These images are absolutely adorable!

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