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A touch of indigo

Lately I’ve been noticing how well indigo and brown work together. And all you need is a splash of white for a fresh Summer look. Rinne Allen’s light drawings made from specimens from her garden are just beautiful. All in shades of blue and brown, they are just captivating.
Rinna Allen
Rinne Allen
Plant matter light drawings by Rinne Allen, interior photos by me

  1. Being Brazen

    15 March

    great collection of images.

  2. kbd

    15 March

    love those pics! Those are the colours I've used in my lounge…

  3. Dasha

    15 March

    Pillows are just awesome!

  4. dressed by style

    15 March

    what a gorgeous combination. Those drawings are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Colores

    15 March

    hola guapa, me encnata el sof

  6. onyx feather

    15 March

    yes! someone is finally spotlighting indigo! it's an unsung hero of the color wheel.

  7. Ingrid from Cohabitaire

    16 March



    16 March

    It's such a great combination and I find myself gravitating towards indigo lately 🙂

  9. Poppy

    16 March

    That color combination is beautiful, it makes me want to go on vacation. 🙂

  10. Carmia

    16 March

    The leaf motifs are gorgeous! (And that couch is begging to be jumped on…)

  11. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    19 March

    I'm not the biggest of blue fans but this would def be my favourite way of using it!

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