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Nature’s power

So mother nature has once again demonstrated her power, this morning Japan was hit by a massive earthquake of 8.8-magnitude which triggered a 4m tsunami. So many natural disasters almost one after the other, things are definitely out of kilter. It seems our earth simply cannot cope with modern day man. All we can hope for is that people start respecting nature and our earth before it’s too late. I know I need to do more than the little bit I do. What are you doing to be environmentally friendly? Recycling, eating organic food, cycling and walking instead of driving? These are basic, small steps but essential in trying to create a better world conscience. So I encourage you, and myself, to be a little more green. Have a good weekend friends and send some love to the people of Japan ?

Photos by Fieldguided


  1. tinajo

    11 March

    I just read about that in the news – tragic. 🙁

    We try to live as environmentally friendly as we can in my family, but of course you can always do more.

  2. Anya adores

    11 March

    You are absolutely right, it's almost like mother earth is giving up slowly. So many disasters lately. All our thoughts to the people of Japan and also Christ Church and the massive earthquake they had not log ago.! We live as ecologically sustainable as we can – but will try and do more.Thanks for your comments on my blog – Have a lovely weekend Lana, xox A

  3. RamblingTart

    11 March

    Such a sad, horrifying situation. I ache for them and the pain and loss they're experiencing. You're right, so many, many disasters lately. It breaks my heart. I live as healthily and wisely as I can, and will continue to do my best. Thank you for these beautiful images to cheer my heart today. 🙂

  4. Lori

    11 March

    Yes, it is truly tragic and devastating. Japan will be in my thoughts and prayers for a long time.

    Thank you so much for checking up on us! So very sweet .. and I really appreciate it:)

  5. Lana

    13 March

    And the footage we are seeing just gets worse and worse, the damage is really devastating.

    Glad things are ok on your side Lori x

  6. Bianca Esteves

    15 March

    Earth Hour 2011 8:30pm Saturday 26 March. Please participate:

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