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{Words to live by}

{Words to live by}

When last did you not worry how you looked or acted and just had fun?!

Joel Rhodin

Photo by Joel Rhodin via Agent Bauer

  1. Lori

    20 March

    haha this is so cute! 🙂

  2. Rose

    20 March

    The image is a classic. I love it – it says a thousand words. i so agree with you about just ' being ' once in a while. I walked past a house two days ago in Rondebosch. The happy, free and indulgent sounds of children screeching in the pool from over the wall, made me seriously envious of them. They live in the moment don't they.

  3. Charlotta Ward

    20 March

    Very cute!

    I must say that I am quite good at 'embracing my inner child'. Life is too short not to have fun and live to the full!

    Hope you had a fab weekend.


    xx Charlotta

  4. gail.k

    20 March

    Just had a lovely evening catching up on a whole week of beautiful posts –Thank you!! Loved all the kitchens & the blue & brown fabrics!

  5. Lana

    21 March

    Rose, I love hearing the sounds of kids playing and having fun!

    Charlotta, good to hear it!

    Gail, it's a pleasure, glad you liked it all! 🙂

  6. Cassi

    27 March

    I danced in a pub on St. Patrick's Day in my tee, sports bra, shorts and tennies, with a messy ponytail and no makeup on, since I had just come from my volleyball game with my teammates. After a while I didn't care how I looked, I just danced and had a blast! Great post! 🙂

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