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Internet woes

Sorry for this rather late post but my brand new data stick that I bought on Friday is not working so I don’t have internet access, beyond irritating! Hopefully I can get it sorted out after work today. So in the meanwhile I’ll leave you with a few photos from my sister’s birthday brunch which was lovely, chat again tomorrow.

Photos: by me


  1. Nicole

    18 April

    Hey Lana!
    Great pics – We had our launch at Starlings, isn't it great? So vintage.
    Loving the blog.

  2. Colores

    18 April


  3. cape fiction

    18 April

    Shame, I sympathise! Also have connection problems: such a drag. Lovely pics, though.

  4. Kira

    18 April

    Are those your new B&D sunnies – love them!
    There are pro's to not being connected, although you will have many disappointed followers 🙁

  5. Lana

    18 April

    Well spotted Nicole, yes, brunch was at Starlings, love it there!

    And yes, Kira, those are my new B+D sunnies indeed!

  6. Rose

    19 April

    Feel so special when u eat out at Starlings. Your creative images spices up my appetite for more visits there.

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