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Soothing blue

A little late but better than never, just a few soothing blues and inspiring boards. I’m enjoying my time off and this chilly weather too… tea, soup and scarves and boots and I’m happy!

Image credits: 1) Machteld M, 2) via Fashion Gone Rogue, 3 & 4) Anna Kern, 5) Emily Henderson

  1. Anna of IHOD

    26 April

    I love natural lighting and how it can lift a room. Beautiful images!

  2. Signe

    26 April

    Pretty and classic!

  3. Monique @Oh Darling Bride

    26 April

    Oh I love the denim shift. I tried on a light soft denim shirt today, lovely colour but the fit was all wrong. I

  4. one sydney road

    27 April

    gorgeous! love the denim shift. such a calming color and post!

  5. joanna of sbp

    3 May

    lovely board!

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