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The Cape Pendant Collection

The Cape Pendant Collection

I just love everything about this first photo, the pose, the dramatic dress and the bright bouganvilla background…

Something equally beautiful is the new Cape Pendant Collection by Michael Chandler. The talented Michael has created a jewellery range based on traditional key plates (escutcheons). He was inspired by hours spent getting to know Antique Cape Furniture in the said department at Sotheby’s and Stephan Welz  and decided to create a jewellery range based on the key-plates found on grand old pieces of Cape Furniture.

These escutcheons are smaller versions of the originals, made from brass and sterling silver and combine traditional hand-cut work with laser technology, handcrafted by Nina from inkheart. I love these unusual pendants and the fact that they hold a little piece of history. I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Plus they’ve just been featured at Christopher Strong’s Summer Collection at SA Fashion Week in Johannesburg, well done Michael!

One more thing, Michael happens to be a bit of jack of all trades when it comes to art, so apart from his fabulous new jewellery collection, he also makes the most gorgeous porcelain vases and busts, embroidered cushions and the list goes on. Pop over to his blog, Chandler House, to discover more!

Image credits: 1st photo by Mert & Marcus for Roberto Cavalli via Fashion gone Rogue, fashion shots by Simon Deiner for SDR Photo, all other images via Chandler House


  1. Nina Schiller

    13 April

    Such a beautiful post! Thanks so much for the mention!

    xxx N

  2. Rose

    13 April

    Being totally passionate about colour and texture design, your images are always so stimulating. These necklaces – who would have thought of converting an escutcheon in something so cool to wear. well done to him.

  3. In A State of Luxe

    13 April

    WOW! So unique. Thanks.

  4. Piko

    13 April

    Wow!! These pendants are gorgeous! What an exquisite meshing of Cape history and jewelry! Michael is incredibly talented!!

  5. Megan

    13 April

    Love the first fashion image and also the jewellery 🙂 Great find!

  6. Anonymous

    13 April

    very clever!

  7. Michael

    13 April

    I love the combination of the embroidered blue and white china put next to the antique blue and white vase – both offset by that amazing hot pink bourgenvilla. Genius!

  8. Signe

    13 April

    Love these, especially that first one!

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