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The Fringe Arts & Sootcookie winners!

The Fringe Arts & Sootcookie winners!

It’s time to announce the winners of The Fringe Arts giveaway! Thessa and Chantal have picked their fave comment and the lucky lady is Angie! They loved her fun and original winter warmer recipe. Pure brilliance, taking a jar of Nutella and filling it up with hot milk.

“My Winter Warmer Recipe – is to pour hot milk into a half empty (or as i like to see it, half full) jar of Nutella, get under a blanket on my couch and see how long it takes me to slip into an awesome hot chocolate Nutella coma.”

But wait there’s more, they have decided to give away a second prize to Julie for her brave comment! As Chantal said “We all have that worn out jersey that we love so much but would never admit to”. Julie wins one of the cute Sootcookie paperjets that reads ‘whoever finds this i love you’. Congrats!

“My Winter Warmer Recipe: totally uncool, but here goes. My sister had a terrible fleecy beige oversized zip-up jumper that she had to wear for work. I can’t mention the company’s name but its initials are BH which are embroidered onto the top. I stole the hideous jumper and now whenever it is cold, I put in on over all my clothes. In summer I pack it away again. I brought it out the other night and my sister was horrified to see the ‘BH’ (as we call it!) again. So this is how I stay warm in winter!”

Thanks to The Fringe Arts and Sootcookie for this fab giveaway and remember to visit the Waterfront pop-up shop before the 2nd of May when it will be closing.

And if you’re in Cape Town on Saturday, don’t forget to check out the Easter Market in the courtyard of the Evangelical Lutheran Church behind Hemelhuijs and the Freeworld centre! Their Christmas market was fantastic so this is sure to be another winner!


  1. julie

    14 April

    Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! What a fantastic and brilliant start to my day! Yay!

  2. angie

    14 April

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is so awesome!

    haven't had a chance to look at all my regular blogs today, thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

    i'm so so amped. i have like 80 ceramic animals which i love, i promise this creature will be so at home in my house x x x x

    thanks so much ladies x

    ok, i'm off to do a dance of joy,

  3. bikim

    14 April

    so cute!
    Take care,

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