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Andy Ve Eirn

Today I’m featuring some gorgeous new knitwear from a talented young designer from Israel. Yael recently graduated from design college after specialising in textile design. All the knitting patterns are her own special and original designs plus Yael knits the fabric herself in a factory that is located in her neighborhood. How amazing is that?! She has just started her online shop and named her brand, Andy Ve Eirn, after her grandparents who are very important in her life.

The colors of this collection are shades of grey, antique pink and off white, all beautiful neutral colors that will tie in with almost every item you own. I love how soft everything looks and all so wearable. Yael says, ” I feel the collection represents my agenda, simple and minimalistic things that every woman would like to have in her closet for the next winter. The cloths are casual but can also look great on a dress when going out in the evening.”

I asked Yael if she’d answer a few questions for us…

Three words that describe you best…

Family orientated, ambitious, creative

Where do you find inspiration…

I mainly get my inspiration from basic simple shapes. I feel inspired by squares and lines and I think infinite patterns can be created from them. I love minimalism and geometric shapes and I always design what I would like to wear myself.

One designer you would like to meet…

I would love to meet any member of the Missoni family, and see their life work. To me, Missoni is an amazing fashion house and I am inspired by its rich textiles, powerful colorfulness, sophisticated knitting techniques and endless textures.

Favourite things to do on a weekend…

My favorite thing to do on weekends is be with my family, on Friday mornings I love wondering the streets of Tel-Aviv, the old neighborhoods, wide boulevards, look at shop windows, have a cup of coffee and eat a good breakfast. Later I eat the traditional “Kiddush” dinner with my family. On Saturday mornings I take a long walk with my husband and my dog to the park, and then have a big lunch at my husband’s parent’s garden.

What’s hot in Israel right now…
Oversize shirts, color blocks and a full swimsuit

Thanks so much Yael, I always love hearing what creative people are getting up into different parts of the world and how I wish I could join you on one of your weekend walks, they sound great. Check out the rest of Yael’s collection here!


    1 June

    Wow these are all fantastic and wonderful for the beach too. I've been looking for some new knitwear for late in the day and evening. Thanks for sharing, Lana!

    Hope you're having a great week 🙂 xoxo

  2. Lori

    1 June

    Everything looks so beautiful and comfortable! 🙂

  3. Anna of IHOD

    2 June

    Wow, what a gorgeous collection! Off to check out more!!

    ….and I love hearing about what's hot in Israel!

  4. Petek Design

    5 June

    Gorgeous fabrics and collection! I love her style, well done Yael 🙂

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