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Kirstenbosch beauty

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens look amazing in the winter months too, especially with all the aloes in full bloom.

All photography: Lana Kenney


  1. Rose

    21 July

    I think that we as Cape Townians can be very proud of our natural heritage. For me the evidence of a good photograph is when I feel I can be in that photograph and your images often do that for me. As you would have noticed, we have featured a few photographers lately and I would very much like to extend the invite to you as well. We would love you to feature as a guest blogger, giving our readers the benefit of your good images. Are u up for it and if you are, can I come back to you with some sort of time frame?

  2. Lana

    21 July

    Thanks Rose, would love to, I'll pop you an email!

  3. Rambling Tart

    21 July

    Gorgeous photos, Lana!! You're always posting other people's beautiful images and I had no idea you were so talented! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Rose

    22 July

    Hi Lana – look forward to your mail.

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