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Leeming + Paterson

I thought I’d share some beautiful landscape photography that I recently discovered. Leeming + Paterson are a husband and wife team from Scotland and together they take the most beautiful photos. These are some of my favourites, I love the soothing and tranquil feeling they evoke.

All photography by leeming + paterson

  1. Deborah

    30 October

    Lovely and serene!

    Deborah xo

  2. March

    30 October

    So Beautiful Photos.

  3. Steve Mallett

    31 October

    Not only do they take great photos; they're great folk! Spent a weekend with them a year ago with my pal Paul, from Rooiels. We enjoyed it so much we're going again next weekend.


  4. Petra

    1 November

    these are amazing.

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