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Purple hues

Purple hues with a touch of yellow makes for a vibrant and fun palette. Yes, it’s definitely not your normal calming palette but why not give it a try? I spotted this colour combo in my window box where we have a mix of violets and marigolds which look lovely together and then again in my choice of macaroons. Some bright cheerful imagery for a Friday morning is always a good idea, so enjoy and have a wonderful weekend lovelies!






All macaroon photos taken by me. 
Collage image credits: 1) Glen Proebstel via khm, 2) Stockholm Streetstyle, 3) Edward Pond via Style at home, 4) Anthropologie October Catalogue, 5) Stockholm Streetstyle, 6) by me, 7) Petra Bindell via Agent Bauer, 8) Diane Bergeron, 9) Roger Davies via Elle Decor, 10) Ashley Meaders, 11) Ngoc Minh Ngo for Architectural Digest


  1. Michela

    14 October

    Purple & yellow are lovely together πŸ™‚ I love purple & orange too! Those macaroons are simply perfect with those flowers and book!

  2. Kira

    14 October

    mmm macaroons – a craving has developed… Love the contrasting colours! ( I also notice the slight changes to your blog layout – code warrior coming out?)

  3. Lana {lanalou style}

    14 October

    Lol thanks Kira! Getting there!;)

  4. Priscilla Joy

    14 October

    Looks divine. Loving all the images.

    Have a great weekend.
    xx from the Caribbean

  5. onyx feather

    14 October

    love, love the macaroons. now i'm craving them! yum!

  6. Charlotta Ward

    14 October


    I was definitely a late bloomer when it came to purple, but these days I adore it!
    Not all colours purple though, I prefer the darker huskier richer ones – plum, cherry, aubergine, bluberries-n-milk..

    Hope you are well and that you have a fun weekend planned ahead.

    x Charlotta

  7. LatteLisa

    16 October

    Lana, how on earth did I miss this post?!! It's colour gorgeousness!

  8. Gaia

    18 October

    YOU'll understand why really soon!::.

  9. Lana {lanalou style}

    18 October

    Sure you have something gorgeous planned, Gaia! Looking forward to it!

  10. Anna of IHOD

    19 October

    This reminds me of a nursery down the road from us. Its like an oasis and a great little getaway:)

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