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Branding 10,000 Lakes

Branding 10,000 Lakes

I’m working on two websites at the moment so I’ve been doing lots of website browsing to get ideas and inspiration. In the process I came across such a cool project, so I thought I’d share it with you. Nicole Meyer is an art director who has recently started a project which aims to brand one Minnesota lake a day. Did you know there are more than 10 000 of them?!

Nicole says,

“Lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly. This project was created to rethink what they could be. 
One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Every day.
Should only take a little over 27 years to hit ’em all. Stay tuned and enjoy!”

I love the idea that she has taken on such a big project, I mean… a logo a day for 27 years is huge dedication! I also really enjoyed seeing her interpretation of the lake names and the logos she created. Really brilliant, take a look and see them all of them so far on Branding 10,000 Lakes.

All images via Branding 10,000 Lakes

  1. classiq

    7 November

    What a fantastic idea! This calls for real dedication. Have a beautiful week, Lana!

  2. Agata {I blog Gda?sk}

    7 November

    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing L. Brilliant idea πŸ™‚

  3. askashe

    7 November

    this is awesome!

  4. Petra

    7 November

    great idea. thanks for sharing. will def keep an eye on that!!!

  5. LatteLisa

    7 November

    fantastic idea!

  6. Georgianna

    7 November

    Great project! Very ambitious, too! Hope you are well, Lana! xo – g

  7. taylorem

    7 November

    i saw this ambitious project here []. i love how she is trying to bring the same class to minnesotan lakes as massimo vignelli brought to the national park system [[email protected]/sets/72157609012576999/detail].

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