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Foodie blogs ~ Part I

I discovered another gorgeous food blog yesterday so I thought I’d share it with you along with some other faves. I just love a good food photography blog, not so much for the recipes (which I’m sure are excellent) but more so for their incredible styling and exceptional photography. I just find them so inspiring. These are some seriously talented ladies…

First up is Honey & Jam which is my latest discovery. Hannah is from North Georgia and is just 21 years old, she likes simple things and fresh ingredients. Her blog is amazing, go take a look.

Another favourite is roost written by Caitlin in Alabama. She follows a gluten/grain/dairy/sugar free diet and yet all of the food she prepares looks delicious. Caitlin aims to inspire and educate about this way of cooking. Caitlin is also a graphic designer and photo stylist which explains why her blog is so gorgeous.

And last but not least is Call Me Cupcake which is a Swedish blog written by Linda. Also just fantastic! Linda is working on a baking book in which she is doing the baking, styling and photography, wow, can’t wait to see it!

All images via Honey & Jamroost and Call Me Cupcake

  1. mytrinketsandtreasures

    17 November

    I'm always excited to find more food blogs with great styling and yummy recipes. I might actually try some of the recipes on Call Me Cupcake, they look amazing! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    17 November

    Love Honey & Jam but Roost is new to me so off to check it out right away. Thanks, Lana!

  3. monica arbib

    17 November

    wow! gnammy!

  4. Colores

    17 November

    you always spot the best on the web!!! Adorable pics!!!

  5. Lauren Glossary

    17 November

    Wow. Love me some awesome food pictures.

  6. Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely}

    18 November

    I love food photography as well! these are all stunning shots and all new blogs to me – I'm off to take a look! xx

  7. silical

    18 November

    i know how i'm going to spend a few hours as soon as I get the chance – thanks for introducing these great food blogs!

  8. Being Brazen

    18 November

    Nice links, Lana. Have a fabulous weekend x

  9. luisa

    21 November

    fantastic blogs.

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