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Pedersen + Lennard launch

Pedersen + Lennard launch

Pedersen + Lennard’s Bucket Stools are something I’ve been coveting for ages now, they are the perfect extra-seating solution for a small home or apartment. I’d love to have two or three of these in different colours, ready to whip out when extra guests pop over. You may recognise Pedersen + Lennard’s work from the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park where they worked with decor stylist Tracy Lynch to create furniture and lighting with a very minimalistic feel yet totally functional and versatile at the same time. If you’re free this coming Thursday, come down to Field Office at 5:30pm for the Pedersen + Lennard Summer 2012 launch. Plus there’s a product giveaway, one of us may be lucky, here’s hoping!

Image credits: First photo and invite via Pedersen + Lennard, all other photos taken by myself


  1. Megan

    29 November

    Their bucket seats are seriously cool!

  2. Val/senseandgrace

    30 November

    wow i love it the bucket seats.

    I do not know if I left a comment before but I wanted to tell you I read your blog every day when i have the chance. And I love it .
    Ad is a pleasure getting to know your beautiful country, so so far from mine.
    Happy monday

  3. sarah

    30 November

    I love those bucket seats! I want two for my house as well. What a cool refurbished look!

  4. Lana {lanalou style}

    1 December

    Thanks for the lovely comment, Val!

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