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Pretty earrings

I’m loving all of these pretty little stud earrings by Laonato. I find there is a real shortage of these type of earrings in CT so I can quire easily see myself ordering a few pairs! Love the bows and skulls, no actually all of them, is it too much to order all six featured below?!

All images via Laonato

  1. Cristina

    26 November

    Love the ribbons and owls! πŸ™‚

  2. dressed by style

    26 November

    So sweet and simple. I love the bows and the owls. cute!

  3. Roselie

    26 November

    Awe how cute! I love the little owls and houses…

  4. Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely}

    28 November

    These are so lovely Lana! I love the little owl earrings and 'love' necklace – so pretty! xx

  5. Megan

    28 November

    SO CUTE! Love them all too, but the little owls are SO adorable.

  6. Amanda from Freshly Sharpened Pencils

    30 November

    Too cute! I'm am SO sending this link to my fiance – they all need a lot of hinting when it comes ti Christmas pressies!! x

  7. Lana {lanalou style}

    1 December

    Looks like the little owls are the winners for sure!

    Amanda, great idea, let's hope he falls for it!

  8. Gold Charm

    19 December

    Wow….they could be wonderful gifts of love too…petite and so beautiful…brings out the elegant part of a woman…has a young look and feel too.

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