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Consol Solar Jar

Last week Consol sent me one of their brand new Solar Jars to try out and I have to say it’s a real winner! This clever solar-powered light offers almost six hours of light before needing to be recharged in the sun. It’s perfect for outdoor dinners, sundowners on the beach or camping, no more struggling with tea lights that constantly get blown out by the breeze! Plus it comes in the ever popular Consol glass jar. A collection of these would be ideal to light up a garden path for a party or wedding and of course you can hang them from a tree for a magical look. The decorating options are endless!

They retail from R120 and are available from Consol retail outlets in Stellenbosch and Woodmead or you can buy them online. I think this would make an ideal gift and of course it’s a great solution to the many South African homes without proper electricity.

Above photos by myself

Consol’s Solar Jar is a fantastic new product but also not to be forgotten are their regular mason jars which you can get super creative with. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired…

Image credits: 1) Cascading mason jar chandelier, 2) sewing kit jars, 3) soap dispenser, 4) floral table setting, 5) stationery jars with chalk labels, 6) wedding seating decor, 7) herb jars DIY, 8) terrariums, 9) hanging lanterns, 10) lace jars

  1. Gail K

    24 January

    That's so brilliant!!! What a clever idea.

  2. Being Brazen

    25 January

    I WANT one!

  3. Ella

    26 January

    I've always loved mason jars. Very beautiful.

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