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Inspiring business cards

Inspiring business cards

Apart from collecting useful business cards, I also love collecting inspiring ones that are beautifully put together.  I think illustrated cards can be really pretty but you have to choose the correct image and not overdo it for it to be effective. It seems these days though that the most popular trend is just using a simple colour palette and an interesting font. And hand scripted, cursive fonts are definitely the flavour of the day. These are a few from my collection, which ones appeal to you? What does your  business card look like? Upload a photo of your own or a favourite to my facebook page, it would be great to see them all!

Business cards featured:
I Love Leroy | Tracy Lee Lynch | marigold | Hadeda | Anomali | Robyn Mitchell | Dear rae | | Liefie | Nook Eatery | Collect | the woodlands eatery | Dear Me | Missibaba | Okasie | Afraid of Mice | monkeybiz | koncept | Lauren Fowler | Freeworld Deign Centre | De Oude Bank Bakkerij | Moose | Chapel | Stall Trawl | pelican & peony

All photos: by myself

  1. Cupcake Couture

    30 January

    Love this collection! x

  2. dressed by style

    30 January

    lovely post Lana. I am also a business card collector…a wonderful b/card is totally irresistable!
    I'm still a letterpress fan and generally favour the simple ones.
    I love Tracy Lynch's colourful one and the monochrome Missibaba one is gorgeous! xo

  3. postcards and pretties

    30 January

    love the cootie catcher one!! so unique

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