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Colour trends Part II

Colour trends Part II

Morning friends, are you ready for some more colour inspiration? Last week I featured the colour of the 2012 and two key colour trends as described by ColourFutures 12. Here are the remaining three key colour trends, thanks again to Dulux for sharing the inspiration with us.

One small seed is a theme about our personal connection with nature and the potential of a small seed and growth. It invites nature into our homes and with the use of these colours, creates an indoor garden of delight. The colour palette is pale, fresh pastels, watery greens, with dark soil and bright blossom colours as counterweights.

The next theme is Rediscovered Heroes which encourages us to appreciate the beauty and possibilities in the more ordinary and industrial things that surround us and that are seemingly worthless, especially in a time of economic struggle. Abandoned buildings, factory spaces, even an old office building have elements that can inspire. The colour palette is inspired by down-to-earth qualities and a masculine aesthetic, think denim blues, rusty metal tones, concrete greys and pops of colour from bright electrical wires and pipe work.

The final theme is Different worlds which takes inspiration from the state-of-the-art technology that we experience these days which allows us to ‘be’ in different worlds or realities at the same time with very little effort. It’s a mix of digital, surreal and virtual and the colours associated with this trend are a mix of extreme colours like velvet bright blues and reds against more ethereal and translucent pastels.

Image credits: ColourFutures 12 via Dulux


  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    13 February

    Dulux always feel quite forward thinking with their palettes – fun to see these! Thanks, Lana.

  2. dressed by style

    16 February

    Such vibrant and striking palettes. I'm almost tempted to paint a feature wall in that amazing emerald green!

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