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Happy finds

Just a few lovely things I’ve come across recently…
* I absolutely love this first photo. What an amazing tree and the skirt looks fab too.
* a lovely Moroccan bedroom
* a gorgeous new fabric design from Mavromac which I spotted at their launch yesterday.
* a very sweet little make-up/pencil bag that I bought for a friend of mine that lives overseas. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. Of course it’s totally homemade, hence the imperfect shape but I like that about it too.
Have a happy weekend friends!

Image credits: 1) photo by Tobias Lindkvist for Fashion Gone Rogue, 2) photo by Jordi Canosa via Chic & Decó, 3 & 4) photos by me

  1. Colores

    25 February

    OHHH qu

  2. Anonymous

    26 February

    Where can I get some of those little bags?


  3. Georgianna

    26 February

    Happy weekend to you, too, Lana! I love that Moroccan room! xo

  4. Gail K

    27 February

    That must be the most perfect gift for a friend no matter where they live!!
    What an amazing tree!

  5. Lana {lanalou style}

    27 February

    Hi Deb

    I bought the bag from a shop called African Image ( but you could try contacting Little Traveller who actually make them.

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