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A little nostalgia

Do you have nostalgic feelings about your youth? Days of riding bicycles with the wind blowing through your hair and eating ice cream without a care in the world, when simply blowing bubbles and the sight of balloons made you happy? Ah the good old days!

Image credits: 1) bird illustration by Amy Farrier, 2) photography by Amanda Pratt via Kate Ryan, 3) photography by Sarah Kehoe via Kate Ryan, 4) Louise Goldin runway pics via kris atomic

 Image credits: 1) Pecha Kucha CT #17 flyer, 2 & 3) photography by Amanda Pratt via Kate Ryan, 4) Mulberry

Well something that’s sure to tug on your sense of nostalgia and make you happy if you’re an ice cream fan is The Soft Machine.  It was launched at the Design Indaba last week and has now bagged a spot at the Biscuit Mill! It will be there tomorrow so make sure you get down there and try one of their exciting soft serve flavours from their super cool renovated 60’s caravan. They aim to make fresh soft serve with quality natural ingredients with innovative recipes being developed by Kobus van der Merwe of Paternoster’s Oep ve Koep.

The concept was put together by ideas agency Cow Africa, with caravan design by Thingking and illustrations by Radio. What a creative team and venture, I’m definitely looking forward to trying their soft serve… do I go with the Milk tart or Honey Bush Tea served with a cinnamon spice shortbread biscuit? Sounds good! Have a happy and fun weekend friends!

Above images via The Soft Machine

  1. Petra

    9 March

    I remember when there were only three different kinds of icecream. makes me very nostalgic 😉 great post!!

  2. Being Brazen

    9 March

    gorgeous post – such lovely images!

    Happy weekend

  3. Jhordan's Sister

    9 March

    Once again, another beautiful post and the colours are stunning

  4. Snoop und Emily

    9 March

    Hey Lana! Congrats to the iPad, you deserve it! 🙂 Found your blog as well through the Plascon Fanpage, and I love it! 🙂


  5. Georgianna

    10 March

    Yes, I definitely have nostalgia for eating ice cream without a care. 🙂 Lovely photos

  6. Megan

    12 March

    Definitely need to try The Soft Machine! Looks SO cool and pretty too. The soft serve looks tasty too 🙂

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