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Cheerful brights

Cheerful brights

Hey friends, wow, what a week this has been! I have been assisting my sister (who is a decor stylist) on a shoot the entire week and have been working non-stop. I tell you, the job of a stylist is tough! So I’m definitely looking forward to some relaxing this weekend. What are you up to? Thought I’d share some brights to start your weekend off on a happy note…

Image credits: 1 & 8) photos by me, 2) Nine Cakes, 3) photography by Tobias Lundkvist for Fashion Gone Rogue, 4 & 6) Marjon Hoogervorst, 5) Les Composantes, 7) photography by Chris Nicholls for March Flare via Fashion Gone Rogue

  1. Kira

    16 March

    That couch looks so inviting, especially with a slice of the delish looking cake πŸ™‚

  2. Timeandafewmoths

    16 March

    I would really like to add your little bannr to my blog, but i'm not sure if the HTML code on your site is working.

  3. onyx feather

    16 March

    can't decide whether i want the patterned cake or the chartreuse and blue silk shirt more!

  4. Rachel {little bits of lovely}

    17 March

    Wow, how fun it must have been to accompany a stylist all week! I'm loving all of your colour inspiration – those flowers are gorgeous+ I love the orange striped cake! Have a great weekend Lana xx

  5. Colores

    18 March

    It is surely such a creative job!!! Envy you!!!kisses

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