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Flower Dreams by skinny laminx

Flower Dreams by skinny laminx

Yesterday I went along to the launch of skinny laminx’s new fabric collection called Flower Dreams which has a lovely palette of feminine pinks, plums, lemons and humbugs. The centrepiece of the collection is Wild Flowers as seen below which is a fun and bold print. This collection works well with Heather’s previous designs which all have a distinctive folky and Scandinavian feel. Heather’s designs are perfect for accent pieces and can work well in any space whether it’s a girl’s bedroom, retro kitchen, Scandi lounge or folk-inspired boudoir. The launch was held at furniture gallery Space for Life as this establishment shares Heather’s enthusiasm for beautiful vintage Scandinavian design, a fitting match indeed!

Image credits: 1, 4, 9 & 14) via skinny laminx, all other photos by me

  1. classiq

    19 April

    What a beautiful building fa

  2. Kim Grey

    19 April

    I love the colours and patterns! They are so cheerful. Have a lovely day, Lana!

  3. dressed by style

    19 April

    Hi Lana. Lovely seeing you yesterday at the launch…
    gorgeous post!

  4. Gail K

    19 April

    Beautiful fabrics which are so simple & yet appealing. Some gorgeous cushions — Lovely post!!

  5. Fashion Stylist_ka

    20 April

    the idea of flowers running from the floor on to the wall is just brilliant!

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