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Glacial Glamour

Glacial Glamour

I love this shoot with it’s dramatic setting and equally dramatic and rather glamorous fashion. Beautifully captured by Chris Nicholls for Flare magazine. This icy mountain scene looks breathtaking but it does make you think about the extents that photographers, fashion editors and models have to go to, just to get that perfect shot!

Image credits: Photography by Chris Nicholls for Flare

  1. Being Brazen

    21 May

    very cool photoshoot

  2. Niki MyScandinavianHome

    21 May

    Wow! What a stunning shoot. Her knees must have been knocking together on that mountain top. BRRRR!

  3. Rose

    22 May

    You know photo shoots like this are so fascinating. You would hardly expect to see a model dressed like that in the snowy mountain tops. That is what makes it so strikingly bizarre.

    Pity the model and all who were involved in shooting this series…. what they don't do for their profession. Yet it is exciting on the other hand. The last image is for me …. so other worldish.

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