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Let’s relax

Let’s relax

Let's relax! photo by From me to you

I had so much to do today and typically the internet was down in the whole area. I even trekked to two different wifi spots and had no luck so now I’m a little behind in everything and that’s also why this post is so late. I just wanted to at least pop in though and wish you all a happy weekend and to announce the winner of the Maiden Name giveaway. And the winner is Donne Deacon, congratulations, I will be in touch with you shortly! Have a good one friends!

Image credit: From Me To You


  1. Lina G.

    29 June

    greetings, Donne! hope the hsngers will find a perfect place in your home!!

    thank You, Lana, for the great ideas and the warm dreams:)

  2. Krista

    30 June

    I love that picture, Lana. 🙂 What a cuddly cat. 🙂

  3. Megan Kenney

    2 July

    OMG that cat is so beautiful!

    • Lana

      2 July

      I knew you would love her! 😉

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