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Image credits: 1) Bolig Pluss, 2) Sara Emslie, 3) ferm Living, 4) English Locations

Morning friends! How was your weekend? I had a lovely and busy weekend despite the rather cold and rainy weather which normally keeps me house bound! Last week I worked on a fun shoot (I’ll share more about it later) and one of the props we used was a Tolix ‘A’ chair. It reminded me how much I love this chair which was designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard. It has become an iconic chair and although it has an industrial look, it can actually work in just about any setting. I also love the Tolix bar stools and would love a set of these for around our kitchen counter. What do you think of the Tolix range, would you want any of it in your home? Continue for more Tolix inspiration…

Tolix dining chairs

Image credits: 1) Graham & Green, 2) /50/” target=”_blank”>Amy Neusinger, 3) photo by Sean Fennessy via The Design Files, 4) Tolix

Tolix chairs - Petra Bindel

Image credit: Petra Bindel via Agent Bauer


    9 July

    Love those chairs.

  2. tinajo

    9 July

    Oh, I really love the first pic!

  3. Shawna

    9 July

    I love them and particularly the dark weathered looking grey. I have never sat in one before though and cannot help suspecting they are not comfortable.

    • Lana

      10 July

      I wonder?! I think it’s probably pretty comfy for a metal chair or it wouldn’t be so popular.

  4. Rose

    9 July

    I have such a passionate fascination for these chairs and have had for a while now. Love all the colours that they show up in and that total versatility of the style. I just hope that it won’t get to that place where they are so common place that it becomes more of a kill joy to encounter them than a pleasure. That happened to Phillipe Starke’s fabulous Ghost Chair – but until then I’m with you on this one.

    • Lana

      10 July

      I hope so too Rose!

  5. Nadia

    13 July

    Great spaces – and colours. I love the mint Smeg. x

  6. Hermi

    20 October

    I am looking for a place in Cape Town that does Tolix chair rentals?? Want them for our wedding… Help?!?

    • Lana

      21 October

      Hi Hermi

      I’m not sure where you could hire Tolix stools from. I’m sure someone must be doing that though. Probably best to ask all the local wedding blogs!

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