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Artist’s retreat

Artist’s retreat

Beautiful pastel artist's retreat

I discovered Stacey Van Berkel’s photography recently and particularly loved these images that were part of a feature for Canadian Home and Country magazine. There’s a great story behind these pics too which makes them even more special. The cabin belonged to Stacey’s brother and is situated on their parents beautiful property in Nova Scotia Canada. One day whilst walking by, Stacey had the idea to transform the neglected cabin. So together with her family they totally gutted it and then transformed the space into a charming painting retreat for Stacey’s mom. The turquoise door came from her grandparents house and many of the decor objects came from her grandparents and other important people in Stacey’s life.

I absolutely love this studio space, it is so inviting and uplifting, the perfect spot to inspire creativity and be revitalised. I could easily spend some time there, soaking up the sunshine and dabbling with the some water colours, don’t you agree? Do hop over to see more of Stacey’s gorgeous photography here. Wishing you all a wonderful and creative weekend!

Lovely pastel shabby chic cottage

Artist's cottage getaway

Image credits: Production and photography by Stacey Van Berkel, styling by Ann Marie Favot for Canadian Home and Country

  1. cindy

    10 August

    I just wanted to let you know how awesome your blog is! It’s delivered to my email address and it is always such a delight – your photographs are absolutely stunning and so crisp and clear! love love love 🙂

    • Lana

      10 August

      Thanks so much Cindy! I always love getting positive feedback, it makes it all worth it!

  2. colores

    10 August

    maravilloso, it

  3. Oh this is beautiful!!! LOVE IT

  4. Lana – we are honored to be featured on your very pretty blog! We’ll definitely be stopping by more often!

  5. Gail

    12 August

    What a stunning, bright little cabin. Love the touches of turquoise!

  6. Lilith29

    13 August

    Douceur et po

  7. Pippa J

    13 August

    love those blue chairs! and the light fitting….so unique and so much fun….

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