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Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

Beautiful wedding shoot, love the balloons!

It’s a public holiday here in SA today so I’m definitely taking the day off!  It’s Women’s Day which is dedicated to remembering an eventful day in South Africa’s history…

“On 9 August 1956, 20,000 women staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act (commonly known as the pass laws) of 1950. They left bundles of petitions containing more than 100 000 signatures at prime minister J.G. Strijdom’s office doors. Outside they stood silently for 30 minutes, many with their children on their backs. The women sang a protest song that was composed in honour of the occasion: Wathint’Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo!(Now you have touched the women, you have struck a rock.). In the 54 years since, the phrase (or its latest incarnation: “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”) has come to represent women’s courage and strength in South Africa.”

So just a reminder to us all to remain courageous, wherever we may be. I’ll leave you with some gorgeous photos taken by Elizabeth Messina...

Beautiful wedding shoot

Image credits: Photography by Elizabeth Messina, event design by Betsy Kohr via Style Me Pretty
Quoted text from wikipedia

  1. colores

    10 August

    How is your winter going? I wore the lovely caftan I won in your blog last winter, and it was perfect!!! thanks again querida Lana!

    • Lana

      10 August

      Hola Ada! No es mal realmente! Estoy feliz que tu puedes llevar el caftan finalmente!x

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