Botanical twist

Botanical wallpaperImage credit: vtwonen

I came across the above image earlier in the week and had to do some real searching to identify where it came from! I love the whole styling of the scene with its industrial edge contrasting against the pretty botanical wallpaper. The wallpaper also intrigued me and I found out that it is a Ralph Lauren wallpaper which is actually just a navy print on a white background. Once applied to the wall, they coloured in parts of the wallpaper by hand to create a unique effect and give it more of a spring like feel. So clever!

Get the botanical lookImage credits: 1) Ralph Lauren Nature Study Toile Elderberry wallpaper, 2) Anne Ten Donkelaar artwork, 3) Weylandts Adjustable desk lamp, 4) Bluebellgray cushion

I’m almost certain that the artwork featured in the top image is by Anne Ten Donkelaar. Anne makes intricate collages out of cutouts of pictures of flowers and pressed flowers too. Really quite stunning. Here is some more of her work… enjoy!

Anne Ten Donkelaar flower art

Anne Ten Donkelaar flower art

Above images via Anne Ten Donkelaar

  1. I really love Anne’s work!

  2. Megan Kenney

    20 September

    Flower collages are amazing! Love the cushion too!

  3. Anne Claire

    20 September

    Love the first Rlaph Lauren wallpaper!
    And love your beautiful blog since a long time!!

  4. Isabella

    20 September

    I love the flowers but to fit perfecty the lamp shoul be one of those

    Last month I see Turner lamp in a house of a friend of mine, and I fall in love.

    Check Billy and tell me what you thought 😉

  5. Kari

    21 September

    Gorgeous collages!

  6. Agata Kruszewska

    21 September

    love the wallpaper!

  7. Kim Grey

    12 October

    How delicate and beautiful the floral artworks are, as well as the lovely wallpaper.

  8. Vet

    26 March

    I just want to thank you for finding the wallpaper and figuring out that they had coloured it in! I would never have guessed, I’ve been trying to find this paper for hours!
    Thanks!! 🙂

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