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Intaka Island- bird haven

Intaka Island- bird haven

Intaka Island

On the weekend we decided to check out Intaka Island at Century City as we happened to be in the area. There is no signage to even locate this place and I would never even have know about it if I hadn’t read about it over on Monique’s blog.

Of course we all know where Century City and Canal Walk Shopping Centre is, yet amidst this concrete jungle lies a 16 hectare environmental oasis. Intaka Island is a wetland and bird sanctuary, home to 212 species of indigenous plants and 120 bird species. You can take a lovely self-guided stroll around the area and do some bird spotting from the various look-out points or bird hides. We saw so many birds and all from really close-up, my favourite being the Red Bishop.

These are just a few quick snaps I took while I was there but I encourage you to check it out before or after your next shopping trip at Canal Walk as it really is a lovely escape from the urban city life!

Intaka Island

Intaka Island bird sanctuary

All photography: by me

  1. Gail

    11 September

    How amazing to have such a wondeful spot in the middle of a “concrete” jungle! Definitely something to add to the “to do” list!

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