Blackboard love

Blackboard wallImage credit: Design Sponge

We have a small wall in our kitchen which I painted with chalk board paint which is great for shopping lists and ‘things to do’ but what I’d really love is a whole wall devoted to this. And a full ‘blackboard wall’ in my office would be even better! I love the wall above which also displays art. This type of wall is perfect for kitchens, kid’s rooms and offices. So what do you think about blackboard walls?

The Every GirlImage credit: Erin Gates’ studio via the Everygirl

Per GunnarssonImage credit: photo by Per Gunnarsson


Image credits: 1) The second life of mine, 2) Valkoinen Harmaja

  1. Love them. I have one in my office – housemates thought I was crazy when I painted it, but they were converted!

  2. Gail

    26 October

    Would love one in my kitchen!! Such fun!

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